Programs and Classes

Our vision is to provide fitness programs and classes for aerobics, yoga, pilates, walking, jogging, tai chi, strength training, general exercise and more. We see a need for health classes that will emphasize nutrition, exercise, health and wellness, and self defense. We hope to partner with existing fitness, health, and wellness providers to expand these kinds of services in the 5 Cities Community.

The facility is designed to be a recreation center, so sports programs including camps, clinics, tournaments, leagues, and after school programs will be incorporated into the daily schedules. However, these programs won’t be limited to just basketball, volleyball and futsal.

We envision that the center will be a truly multi-purpose facility, allowing for all kinds of activities to be held in a safe, indoor environment. Our proposed floor plan will allow for dance, arts and crafts, and possible general education classes that could be held in the multi-purpose rooms. We have proposed a cafe where parents can relax while their children are participating in any one of the many activities or classes that may going on. From the itty bitty to the elderly, we hope to serve all ages with programs and classes that entertain as well as maintain.